New blog? New blog.

So, I’m hopping on the bandwagon. It seems as though there is a move to go back to the way blogging was 20 years ago. I’m seeing directories, trains, even webrings. I have to say, it makes me very nostalgic! It makes me want to join in!

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Open out of the blogosphere for a long time. Maybe not as long as some of my peers, but a couple of years at least. I’d become very disheartened in the way things were going, in how everything was about money and ads and no one was just talking about their lives, anymore. No one commenting without an ulterior motive. The community was pretty dead! As someone who cut their teeth in the early days of blogging, it wasn’t just disappointing. Big brands and social media paved paradise and put up a frickin’ parking lot.

I’m not going to be super active here at first. In fact, I’m not entirely sure yet what this blog will be about, but I love the idea of going back to all that. Just like in the old days, it seems like this new wave of blogs and websites are being helmed by the geeky ladies of the internet. Most of the new blogs I’ve seen pop up are from girls around my age, which is the coolest thing. Count me in!